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I trained at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Geology, and Roseworthy College (1979 - 1981) in Oeonology and Viticulture.

I then worked at Penfolds Wines at the interface between winery and vineyards. The focus was on quality relationships between wine produced and the specific vineyard characteristics associated with various grades of wine quality.
Mention is made of this in "Sunlight into Wine" and the work was published in two papers for the Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research.

Numerous speaking engagements with the theme "Quality is measurable and manageable" were conducted during the 1980's and 90's.

Up until 1992, I personally supervised the development of Vineyard Assessment techniques, grape value measurement, quality incentives for premium grapegrowers and the maximization of premium value through appropriate new vineyard systems such as Reduced Deficit Irrigation and the Gibson - Schulz Vineyard System. This evolution was driven by the challenge to improve the stocks of super premium red wines in the Penfold organisation, which included Wynns, Seaview, Lindemans and eventually Seppelt.

In 1992 I was asked to establish the new "Viticulture" department for the renamed - Penfolds Wine Group - Southcorp Wines.
During the five years to mid 1997 the vineyard holdings doubled from 3,000 ha to 6,000 ha principally through new site development. This activity was supported by a stream of bright young graduates schooled in the Viticulture section in the applications of research results and in a new "development" ethic in the Southcorp vineyard team, which included 28 vineyard managers and many more support staff.

Personally I travelled to International Conferences every year with the objective of establishing World Class viticulture at Southcorp Wines.
My international experience took me to U.S.A., Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany and Italy.
I supervised the selection of the 600 acre Paso Robles site in California as my last task at Southcorp Wines.

We have since expanded our family wine and vineyard holdings and I am currently consulting from the Barossa Valley in South Australia.